Our Company

BEIT SA is a detergent company established in 1992. In 2000 the company invested over 2 million euro in building an administrative and warehouse center in Sofia (Kazichene), which in 2006 is also used as dispatch station for company export activities in neighboring countries.

In 2007 BEIT started the implementation of a 2.5 million euro investment plan for the construction of a modern logistic center and warehouse area of over 5 000 sq.m. in Sofia (Kazichene). The company’s activities are expanded due to some successful collaboration with foreign partners and BEIT is developing a project for selling services.

Our strength …your loyalty!

We began our business journey in 1992, empowered by a clear vision calling us to offer every family the daily quality of life it deserves.
We succeeded answering to this calling due to your faith and trust in us and to our enduring guiding principles, which we hold so dear as shining beacons on our path to success. Principles, such as, responsibility, human face, innovation, dynamic evolutionary development, social contribution, competitiveness, and utilization of the best possible technologies available, have become lasting aspects of our corporate culture.

Today Beit, the major Bulgarian enterprise, continues its journey with the same momentum and commitment.
Always friendly, always loyal, always pioneering, is building consumers trust and loyalty from generation to generation with products that have been winning the hearts and minds of the Bulgarian homemakers ever since they began using them.      
For you
For your home care … which is our care

Since our initial beginnings, and to this day, after having gone through a long period of development, we still remain a dynamic and evolving company. We draw our strength from the commitment and contribution of our people and from our guiding vision that is calling us to supply our customers with first-rate products designed to enhance every family’s daily quality of life.

The goals that drive us and to which we are committed and serve as guiding principles and enterprise are listed below:

  • Responsibility
  • Human Face
  • Innovation
  • Dynamic Development
  • Social Responsibility
  • Competitiveness
  • Utilization of the best Possible Technology

We are committed to always working hard with a clear sense of mission, integrity and assurance, respecting our fellow man and all social others. We follow these values in all our daily corporate activities when we do whatever is humanly possible to fulfill our mission and the goals we have set for our selves and for our company.

We are very proud that we have been steadily gaining the allegiance of the Bulgarian consumers, that we are able to develop a stable long-term working relationship with our customers based on mutual respect; that we are continuing our business journey with same enthusiasm, determination and commitment to the dream we begun with, and that we have been offering products of superior quality, destined to steadily winning and building consumers loyalty from generation to generation.
For no one knows best the needs of the Bulgarian family than we do. 


To be setting higher standards of performance aiming relentlessly at the production of leading products.
To be researching and detecting the consumers’ needs and producing products, which firmly equate the relationship between price and quality.
To contribute always in the perpetual struggle to improve the quality of life for the Bulgarian family.  


WORKERS: We respect the rights and dignities of every person regardless of any age, sex, religious affiliation, or national origin. We practice these principles and we substantiate our conviction that our workers and staff constitute our greatest capital. We recruit and promote our personnel using for criteria their merits and abilities, as required by each specific position. We prefer to speak the same language amongst ourselves and to have access to all information necessary for making effective decisions. We wish to function together like a well-trained team, with one purpose and one vision, which will ensure our success.

CONSUMERS: We combine all innovative ideas, superior knowledge and intelligence, revolutionary systems of production and distribution channels. Our aim is to provide our consumers with an array of superior quality products. With this in mind, we work hard to restrain our costs so we can maintain fair and competitive prices that consumers can afford. Our products are properly labeled and offered with ample instructions to ensure users’ safety.

CUSTOMERS:  Our relationships with our costumers are based on respect, promptness, consistency, and maintained always within a spirit of cooperation and of a mutual trust.

SUPPLIERS: We provide our suppliers with the opportunity to make a fair profit and always treat them with an empathetic and collegial understanding.

SHAREHOLDERS: We manage all our company’s activities according to the accepted principles and norms having as an end its healthy maintenance and development. We perform our functions with a sense of responsibility toward all our shareholders and timely inform them, regularly and reliably for the entire range of our activities, including our financial situation and performance.

COMMUNITY – ENVIRONMENT: We perform our functions with an acute sense of responsibility and we express this through our respect towards our natural environment and the human values. We support - to the level of our abilities – functions and activities that enhance the quality of life of our community and of the wider region’s residents. Each of our business activities contains all the necessary values and principles demanded by a contemporary society from a leading company like ours. 


  • Caring
  • Innovation
  • Social Face
  • Credibility
  • Quality/Service

What do they mean to us?
Caring: Our first responsibility is towards all those consumers using our product and that is why the consumer is our highest priority and his preferences our primary value.

Innovation: We are always following an innovative way of thinking in the creation of our products. It is based on the utilization of cutting age technology and reflects the needs of consumers and the society’s within which our activities are taking place.

Social Face: We care to remain a faithful social partner and, as an inseparable part of the society, we strive to carry out our responsibilities with respect and accountability towards our fellow human beings, the community and the environment. We support actions and practices that contribute to the protection of the environment and improve the daily quality of life to all residents in the wider region.      

Credibility: We are known for our honesty and straightforwardness towards all others, and through our daily activities we are gaining the trust, confidence, and respect of all others that deal with us. We hold and follow our principle beliefs and values in all our daily activities and decisions.

Quality / Service: In everything we do, we pay great attention to the principles of total quality management. For us, this means the following: the proper combination of innovative ideas, superior knowledge, pioneering systems of production that contribute to the creation of superior quality of products and services. 

Furthermore, at Beit we embrace and uphold the following: 

  • Respect for the human factor and the personal aims of every one.
  • Just and equal treatment and opportunities for all.
  • Honesty, impartiality, understanding, and accountability of results.
  • Open communication and transparency.
  • Constant training improvement.

HUMAN RESOURCES                
Our goal is to effectively contribute to the realization of Beit’s mission and goals through the utilization and development of the most modern systems and methods of human resources management with the intention to

  • Recruit
  • Retain
  • Promote
  • Develop the best and render Beit, in the labour market, as the company where every one wishes to work.